Board of Trustees (Village Board)

Lance N. Millman  - Mayor
Stacy Caridi - Deputy Mayor
Steven A. Sorrillo - Trustee
Melanie Golden  - Trustee
Steven Beldock - Trustee

Lance N. Millman, Mayor

Stacy Caridi

Steven A. Sorrillo

Melanie Golden

Steven Beldock

The duties of the Mayor are defined in the NYS Village Law and similiar to those of a chief executive. The Mayor has the power to provide for the enforcement of all local laws. The Mayor presides over the meetings of the Board of Trustees. The Mayor has the power to appoint all Village employees and non-elected board and commission members, subject to the approval of the Board of Trustees. The Mayor also executes all contracts in the name of the Village.

The Board of Trustees has the power to manage all village property and finances. This power extends to setting tax rates and fee schedules that generate revenue for the Village as well as authorizing expenditures for all municipal purposes. The Board of Trustees is also empowered to enact local laws for the safety, health, comfort and general welfare of the residents of the Village and for the preservation and protection of public works such as roads, street lighting and public buildings.