Tree Law Is Still in Effect

(February 2012) In January, the  Town Court issued a verbal decision finding that  Chapter 176 of the Village Code, the Tree Preservation and Landscape Maintenance Law, is unconstitutional.  The Village of Montebello disagrees with this decision and has filed a Notice of Appeal.  The immediate effect of this filing is to "stay" the Ramapo Court's decision.  Therefore, the Tree Law is automatically reinstated.  The Village Tree law was adopted in 1998, and amended in 20056 and 2008.  The full law can be found at the following website:

Applications for tree removal may be found at:

Tree Removal Resident Permit 8-12

Recent news reports may have contributed to an  inaccurate understanding of the Montebello Tree law.  The following excerpts represent LEGAL activities (please see the chapter for further details):

1. The cutting, pruning, or trimming of trees in a manner that is not harmful to the health of the tree.
2. The cutting, destruction or removal of trees which are dead or imminently dead or which endanger public safety and pose imminent peril, such condition confirmed by the Village
3. The cutting or removal of not more than one tree per 10,000 square feet of lot area during any two-year period but, irrespective of lot area, in no event removal of more than eight trees per lot in any two-year period, or 12 trees in any six-year period, unless said removal is in accordance with a site or subdivision plan duly approved by the Planning Board.
4. The cutting, removal or destruction of a tree as necessary to construct any structure for which a building permit has been issued by the Building Inspector and which does not require subdivision or site plan approval,
5. The cutting or removal of trees as shown on an approved site plan or subdivision plan or a plan approved by the Planning Board.
6. The necessary cutting, removal or destruction of trees by a utility 
7. An exception from any of the requirements of this law may be granted by the Planning Board.

Permit Fees
Tree removal as per right-  $0.00
Tree removal for dead or dangerous tree- $10.00

The Village intends to continue prosecuting violations of its law that were pending, and those that might subsequently arise. Therefore, any attempt to ignore or circumvent our law would be unwise.