Solar "photovoltaic" system almost complete at Village Hall

The system cost a total of about $50,000. We took advantage of state grants available to municipalities (and homeowners) through the state Energy Research and Development Authority and received a $32,000 grant, as well as a $4,500 contribution from state Assemblywoman Annie Rabbitt. Our total cost came to about $13,500. We expects to be able to recoup that cost in about 10 years or less if the cost of energy continues to increase.

The photovoltaic panels that produce electricity are mounted on six 16-foot-tall poles in concrete footings in the Village Hall parking lot. The stretch 62 feet across and 10 feet wide and are angled towards the south.

The panels were installed by ISI Solar of West Nyack.

We still need to run wiring between the solar panels and Village Hall. When the system goes into service it should produce about 7,000 to 8,000 kilowatt hours of electricity. The system is anticipated to begin generating electricity to supply Village Hall shortly.

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