Public Notice to all Private Snow Removal Contractors Doing Business in the Village of Montebello

(October 21, 2014)

This is to advise all private snow removal contractors doing business in the Incorporated area of the Village of Montebello that as per Chapter 150 of the Village Code, snow plow applications and permits are now being issued at the Village Clerk's office located at the Village Hall, One Montebello Road, Montebello, NY 10901.

All snow plowing permits shall commence November 15, 2014 and expire November 14, 2015, and are available at the Clerk's office at a fee of $25.00 per vehicle. All applicant's shall submit evidence of auto and/or truck liability insurance and a copy of registration and license in a form and manner satisfactory to the Village Attorney. (A photocopy of a current valid insurance card shall be sufficient.)

Any private snow removal contractor doing business in the Incorporated area of the Village NOT ISSUED A PERMIT TO PLOW SNOW BY NOVEMBER 15, 2014 shall be in violation of Chapter 150 of the Village Code and shall be guilty of a Class 3 violation and shall be punished according to the provisions thereunder.