Severe Weather Preparedness


Rockland County Fire and Emergency Services office continues to closely monitor the anticipated severe weather forecasted for this afternoon and Friday.  In an effort to enhance our preparedness efforts, we would like to take this opportunity to share with you several preparedness items in the event that severe weather impacts our community.  They are as follows:

  • Inspect roof drains and piping; are they clear of debris and fully functional?


  • Check floor drains and sumps; are they clear of debris and fully functional?


  • Check all storm water catch basins and grater to be sure they are clear of litter.


  • Be sure roof flashing is secure.


  • Walk the grounds; move objects inside that could become missiles in high winds.


  • Anchor any equipment stored outside that could be moved by high winds.


  • Move supplies stored outside to inside storage.


  • Inspect fire protection equipment.


  • Top off fuel in emergency generators; test run.


  • Check emergency supplies.


  • Consider securing backup generators and sump pumps.


  • Inspect all battery-powered equipment and backup power.


  • Inspect all sewers and drains.


  • Check all drainage pumps


  • Keep materials on hand that will help prevent water damage.


  • Have a supply of plastic or tarpaulins on hand to cover water-sensitive equipment.


  • Review your organization’s Emergency Preparedness Plan.


  • Try to control the flow and direction of water around critical areas at your operation.


  • Make sure window wells at ground level are watertight.


Preparedness is an essential element in successfully responding to an emergency.  Our office will continue to monitor the weather activity and keep you advised of any significant changes in the event that severe weather strikes our county.