Route 202, viewing north. Grandview is visible on the right.


(September 2007)

At the request of the Village of Montebello, the NYS DOT has agreed to fix a very dangerous condition at the intersection of Route 202 and Grandview Avenue.  

Cars driving south on Route 202 towards Montebello are prevented from passing by a double yellow line in the road.  However, just a few hundred feet north of the intersection between Grandview and Route 202 the double yellow line changes to a striped line, thereby permitting passing.
Drivers wishing to pass a southbound vehicle take advantage of this striped line just as they near Grandview Avenue.  As a consequence,  a driver turning right onto Route 202 from Grandview Avenue may face southbound cars in both lanes and may have little chance to avert a head on collision.  Likely as a consequence, this intersection has had many accidents and even  fatalities.   The Village asked the DOT to investigate and fix this problem.

The DOT responded on 9/5/07 with a letter stating:

"As a result of our investigation we have decided to change the existing passing zone south of Grandview to a no passing zone and change the passing zone north of Grandview Avenue to a no passing zone for vehicles southbound on Route 202.  This pavement marking work has been added to the project limits of our Annual Pavement Marking Contract.  We appreciate your interest and thank you for bringing this matter to our attention.

Very Truly Yours
Dawn M. Wood
Civil Engineer
NYS DOT, Poughkeepsie, NY"