Montebello Historic Resource Survey


(December 2010)

One of the duties of the Montebello Historic Preservation Commisssion (HPC) is to conduct surveys of significant historic, architectural, and cultural lankmarks and historic disticts within the Village of Montebello. To meet this duty, the HPC obtained a Certified Local Government (CLG) grant for a reconnaissance survey through the auspices of the State Historic Preservation Office, which is a section of the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation. After issuing a Request for Proposals and interviewing several professional historic preservation consulting firms, the Village, at the behest of the HPC, hired Larson Fisher Associates, Inc. for the project.

The goal of this survey was to compile a basic level of architectural data on all buildings in the Village of Montebello constructed on or before 1960 and to associate each of them with periods and themes determined to have historic and/or architectural significants. A number of historic properties had been previously identified, which provided a starting point for the fieldwork undertaken and an understanding of the development eras they represent. The information from this survey is provided in a pdf report which provides an overview and analysis of the findings. These products are intended to aid the Montebello HPC in its preservation efforts.

To download the entire report, click here. (The pdf is 69 MB and 138 pages.)