Montebello Wins Another Grant

(November 2010)

The Village of Montebello has been awarded a $1,000 grant from the Clean Air-Cool Planet Community Catalyst Fund to pay for a Compact Fluorescent-Incandescent light bulb swap. The light bulb swap will enable residents to trade in an incandescent light bulb for a CF light bulb- for FREE. Montebello will be offering the first Light Bulb Swap in Rockland County.

CFLs save energy and money because they cost less to operate. For example, a CFL that uses only 14 watts gives the same light output as an incandescent bulb that uses 60 watts. Using CFLs also helps the environment because, since they use less energy to operate, less pollution from energy production is created. Finally, CFLs save time. A CFL that is used for 5 hours a day should last at least 3 years, while an incandescent bulb used for 5 hours a day will only last about 6 months. Using a CFL instead of an incandescent bulb means fewer trips to the store to purchase replacement bulbs, and less time spent changing burned out bulbs.

Montebello is also the first Municipality in Rockland County to become a “Climate Smart Community” in a partnership program with the New York Department of Environmental Conservation. By promoting Compact Fluorescent technology the Village is seeking to conserve electricity, reduce greenhouse emissions and protect the environment.

Details of the light bulb swap will be mailed to residents in the upcoming newsletter.