Montebello Adopts Revision to the Comprehensive Plan

(January 2010) Following more than one year's work on the details of Montebello's Comprehensive Plan, the Board of Trustees formally adopted the plan.  The Board is now working expeditiously on implementing recommended changes to the zoning code and to local laws.  The Plan will be made available online.

The Village of Montebello is deeply grateful for the time and effort donated by members of the Comprehensive Plan review Committee: Chairman Thomas Campbell (member-Planning Board), Jane Burke (member- Planning Board), Rodney Gittens (member, ZBA), Melanie Golden (Chair-Economic Development Commission), Lance Millman (Deputy Mayor), Anthony Piazza (member, Parks Commission), and Sandra Ward (member- Historic Preservation Commission). Also thanks to the professionals who assisted the Committee in its work: Ira M. Emanuel (Asst Village Attorney), Robert Geneslaw (Village Planner), Debra Mastroeni (Village Clerk/Treasurer), Shelly Ramos (Deputy Clerk), and Martin Spence (Village Engineer).