Another first - Montebello is the first Climate Smart Community in Rockland County

The Village of Montebello has become the first Municipality in Rockland County to become a “Climate Smart Community” in a partnership program with the New York Department of Environmental Conservation. The Climate Smart Communities program is a partnership of state and local governments whose goal is to combat climate change. The program emphasizes local actions that will save taxpayer dollars and support other community goals while protecting the climate.
Montebello adopted the Climate Smart Communities Pledge at a meeting of the Board of Trustees on February 17th. This pledge, which the DEC developed at the request of several communities, includes all the elements of a successful local climate program.  Our recently approved Comprehensive Plan supports zoning activities that will help protect the environment.  Current plans include the development of an ecological park in Montebello Pines and a proposal to install solar power at the Montebello Community Center.
This program will help lower taxes.  Reducing energy costs and improving operational efficiency will lower local governments' operating costs and save taxpayer dollars. Climate smart land use practices can lower infrastructure and service costs as well. Improving the energy efficiency of aging infrastructure by retrofitting or upgrading will save operating dollars in the years to come.
Montebello is a leader in ecological conservation.  We installed the first solar electric powered system for a municipal headquarters building in Rockland County.  We became the first Tree City (with the Arbor Day Foundation) based on our commitment to tree preservation. (see: This latest accomplishment joins a list of other firsts that place our village at the forefront of concern for our environment and our neighborhood.
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