Montebello becomes the first Certified Local Government in Rockland County

Montebello has received official designation as a ?Certified Local Government? by the National Parks Service and the New York State Historic Preservation Office. Montebello is the first and only municipality in Rockland County to receive this important recognition. Below is some information about the CLG program and some relevant web links.

What is the Certified Local Government Program?

Established by a 1980 amendment to the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966, the Local Government Program is a nationwide program which supports local preservation activities through the creation of local preservation commissions. The program creates a formal link between a community's commitment to historic preservation and state and federal preservation programs. The program is jointly administered by the National Park Service (NPS) and the State Historic Preservation Offices (SHPOs) in each state, with each local community working through a certification process to become recognized as a Certified Local Government (CLG).
New York has over fifty CLGs that represent a cross-section of the state, from large cities like Rochester to small villages like Sag Harbor.

By becoming a CLG, a community strengthens its abilities to make important decisions about local preservation, development, and planning issues. Through the CLG program, local preservation efforts receive a range of more tailored services from the state preservation office. Direct benefits include access to special grants; legal and technical assistance; training, and membership in statewide and national historic preservation networks. CLGs also enjoy expanded participation in a variety of preservation programs.

What do CLGs accomplish?

Using the federal grants earmarked for CLGs, communities have achieved a variety of objectives such as conducting historic resource surveys, producing publications, undertaking planning studies, and presenting training programs. These activities are all a part of the process of helping a municipality to manage historic resources and affect changes in the community.

Montebello was able to become a CLG by adopting a local preservation ordinance that meets state and federal requirements for designation of historic resources, composition of commission, and review processes. The requirements ensure that the local historic preservation program is operating under ?best practices,? is effective, and that actions are legally defensible. Once these steps were accomplished, we submitted an application which was reviewed and approved by the SHPO and then sent for final approval and certification by the National Park Service.